Before and After BABY #2!!! 6 Week Diet and what it did for ME!

WOW These are crazy! Just a recap! I had my baby March 23rd. I started my diet March 30th I did a RawLivingFoods.Org Diet plan for Post Baby. I followed the meals exactly and had a cheat meal when aloud. I started out at 142 lbs Post Baby and I dropped down to 122!!! I lost 20 lbs in 6 WEEKS!!! I can promise you I did not lose my weigh this quickly with my first! So now for the following 30 days! I will be toning and gaining some muscle because now I can work out full on! WOO HOO!!! I hope this helped inspire some moms out there! It was hard but I am SO happy I did it! And thank you for supporting me on this journey!!! Stay tuned for the following 30 days for our toning plan and we will EVEN BE SELLING A BOOK AT THE END! YAY!