CALI Business TRIP!

So my best friend and I went to California and tried some yummy restaurants and here were a few! It was such a fun and easy trip! My hubs stayed home with the kids while I did all the business stuff and it was totally worth it! I am excited for our future trips!

We ate at SQIRL in LA for breakfast when we arrived! It was seriously so good and such fresh food! Very inspiring!

You can still eat healthy on TRIPS! It's true! We just looked on Urban Spoon for yummy local places and we found some great choices! This is a cibotta bread with scramble eggs, bacon, and arugula ! DELICIOUS!

In Santa Monica at the mall!!! Trying The Curious Palate! Once again fresh yummy flavors! 


BLUE TACO! Right next to Santa Monica Pier! DELICIOUS AS WELL!! We were so impressed with everything that we tried! I got shrimp, chicken, steak tacos all on different tortillas! I loved the presentation! You eat with your eyes!

My friend got Chicken, Pork, and Short Ribs! All very good too! I really enjoyed the steak taco the best though! 


Hope you enjoy! and Hope you are having a wonderful day!