Fresh organic food cooked to perfection, weighed and measured, and delivered right to your door.


We provide 3 different types of meal plans to ensure quality foods and overall satisfaction.

Extreme Weight loss - This is our number one seller because it has the fastest effects. This is real food doing the work for you. Because it is weighed and measured perfectly to you, you can get the maximum results in a shorter amount of time. 

Paleo - This is another great choice for those who are looking to eat very clean and enjoy eating vegetables, fruits, and meats. We even provide gluten free and vegetarian options. Great delicious food to ensure the results you want. These foods are weighed and measured and will get the results you are looking for!

Balanced - This meal plan is wonderful for those who enjoy eating a variety of foods including good carbs! We incoporate the right amount of carbs to ensure your results still while eating yummy foods at the same time. This meal plan is an easy transition and helps those who may struggle on changing their foods stay focused and not be tempted to eat things that aren't a part of the plan.


Quick weight loss - No pills, shakes, or shots! Just real food designed specifically with your body in mind. We provide the best foods for you because we know how it is to want to reach goals in a timely manner. Let us do that for you!

The food - with this food plan we provide a variety options for example, beef roast with broccoli would be a meal! Yummy foods with nothing to hide!  

Weighed and Measured- what does this mean for you? We design you your very own food plan (Also known as a Macro Plan) that has specific goals in mind. We measure the amount of everything we add into your diet (Sugars and all). Each meal the amount of food is measured by ounces.

Ready To Go Containers-We ship out our foods in ready to go containers for the ability for  you to just get up and go with your meals!


Paleo Meals - Also known as the Caveman Diet, basically what cavemen used to eat. For example, meats, fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

Clean Eats - these meals are clean and fresh, simple but still delicious. 

Reach your goals- Continue to reach your goals with these meals! You will see results quickly!

Weighed and measured in ready to go containers- always making it convenient for your every day needs.

Creamy organic granola

Creamy organic granola


Classic meatball and bread

Classic meatball and bread

Reach your goals with everyday foods- These balanced meals incorporate carbs fats and proteins in the right amounts. You will still get to enjoy having everyday foods that are measured perfectly for you.

Foods - Some ideas of the foods we prep are using good carbs, fruits, vegetables and lean meats.

Weightloss, weight gain, or just being healthy- these meals can achieve all!

Weighed and measured in ready to go containers- always making it convenient for your every day needs.