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"This is crazy! I have lost 70 lbs in 4 months eating real food that is good for me, and I also have enough energy and feel the best I have ever felt."

-Jacob -Mesa, AZ


"I just couldn't get my baby weight off months after my first child. I gained 50 lbs total and only lost 15 lbs. after the baby. I felt stuck. So I called Raw Living Foods to help me get on a diet that I would actually like and do and get results! And it worked! I lost the remainder pounds in just 2 MONTHS! and weighed even less then prior to my pregnancy! I can't even gain the weight back if I tried! I feel like the new version of ME, and I love it! Thanks Raw Living Foods for changing my life!"

Brittany- Chandler, AZ


"This food is DELICIOUS and I have been doing it for a couple of weeks now and have already lost 15 lbs! Real weight gone and I feel so good!"

Anette- Gilbert, AZ


"I work for a construction company and have been overweight for a while now. I  work on tractors and machinery daily and have the most difficult time getting on and off of them when needed. After noticing I couldn't do this on my own my friend told me about Raw Living Foods and how they can help you reach your desired goals in half the time. So I thought I would try it out. The first week I lost 7 lbs and I was hooked! I could already tell a difference in my clothing! So I continued to do it for 3 months total and I lost a total of 50 lbs! I was SO happy and felt better then ever! My boss told me that he counted how many times I got on and off the machinery and it was about 35 times that day! I have never done that before and I have never felt so alive! Thank you Raw Living Foods for giving me my life back!"

Maggie- Apache Junction, AZ


"Wow this really works! We have all done it in the family and have gotten results so quickly! Quicker then we could have ever done it ourselves! We know everything is weighed and measured specifically for us and if we just stuck to it we got the results we wanted! Amazing!"

Deanna- Tucson, AZ


"These guys really know what they are doing! I needed to lose a few pounds before my high school reunion and thought why not try this company out and see what happens. I lost 10 lbs in a WEEK! I was flabbergasted! Now I know where I will go every summer to lose some pounds before swim season!"

Mark- Salt Lake, UT


"I have been overweight my whole life and have just gotten use to it. But I saw this company through instagram and the food looked like food I could actually eat and would like. They are all fresh and prepared my meals so they were convenient for me. I have already lost 9 lbs the first week and am going to continue through the new year! I am so excited to see my results!"

Jordan- WI

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a fitness plan to go with the meals

We have created a simple and effective fitness bootcamp to go along side our meals. 

These classes are for all levels of fitness. Theses classes burn 3x the amount of calories then a normal fitness class. 

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