Scramble Eggs and Bacon Muffin

This has to be one of my favorite meals!!!

1 Whole Farm Fresh Egg Scrambled 

-70 Calories- 7g Fats/1 Carb/6.3g Proteins

1 Farm Fresh Egg White Scrambled

-35 Calories- 0g Fat/0g Carbs/6g Protein

.5 oz of Mexican Cheese

-50 Calories- 4.5g Fat/0.5g Carbs/3g Protein

2 Slices of Hickory Smoked Fresh Bacon

-100 Calories- 8g Fat/0g Carbs/4g Protein

1 Whole Wheat English Muffin

-130 Calories- 1.5g Fat/26g Carbs/7g Protein

1/2 cup of Strawberries on the side

-24 Calories- .2g Fat/ 5.8g Carbs/.5g Protein

Whey Protein Shake with Water

-130 calories- 1.5g Fat/ 4g Carbs/ 25g Protein

Cook eggs together and Scramble, cook bacon separate, add cheese and toast english muffin if desired. I enjoy the strawberries at the end for a little breakfast dessert! YUM! Enjoy!

So my total for Breakfast was 27% Carbs/ 36%Fat/ 37% Protein a pretty balanced meal for what I am looking for. The next meals I will add some more Carbs and equal fats and proteins to even it out so that I have a total of 40carbs/30fat/30protiens