Yogurt Parfait Recipe

I am obsessed with yogurt parfaits! Especially pregnant! I'm 23 weeks and we are having a GIRL! and ALL I crave is FRUIT!!! Here is what I do:


8 oz of Greek Yogurt Honey (We use the brand- Zoi- it's amazing!

-Calories 320-  19g Fat/ 29g Carbs/ 9g Protein

2 oz of Fresh Blueberries and Strawberries

 -calories total 20 -.2g. Fat/ 4.7g Carbs/ .5g Protein 

15g of Granola ( We use gluten free KIND healthy grains )

-Calories 52- 1.5g Fat/7.2 Carbs/ 2.5g Protein


So- So far for the beginning of the day I am at

47% Fat

41% Carbs

12% Protein

So I know later in the day I will have more proteins! Pregnant I am aiming for 30proteins/30fats/40carbs


Hope  you ENJOY!!!!