Chicken and Sweet Potatoe

Chicken and Sweet Potato

Chicken Breast Grilled (4 oz)                  Sweet Potato (2oz)

1g Fat                                                        0g Fat

0g Carb                                                    11.5g Carb (Good carbs)

26g Protein                                              0.9g Protein

If you need more good Fats for this meal add Coconut Oil on Chicken or Sweet Potato


Sweet Potatoes and Chicken

Grilled Chicken Rub

-1 tsp paprika 

-1tsp garlic powder

-1tsp salt 

-1tsp pepper

-4tbsp olive oil

Rub all over chicken before grilling 

Cook chicken until 165 degrees (meat thermometer)

Sweet potato I put in the oven on 350 for an hour wrapped in foil. (Check to see if it is soft before removing completely from oven- the bigger the potato the more time needed) ENJOY!